Trisha Speed Shaskan

Writer, speaker, educator

Trisha Speed Shaskan

Trisha Speed Shaskan has written fifty books for children, including her most recent picture book THE ITTY-BITTY WITCH illustrated by Xindi Yan, the picture book PUNK SKUNKS and the Q & RAY graphic novel series for young readers, both of which are illustrated by her husband Stephen Shaskan. Trisha enjoys visiting elementary schools and libraries where she shares her passion for literature and writing. She has taught storytelling or creative writing to students at every level from kindergarten to graduate-school. Trisha has an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Stephen, and their dogs, Beatrix and Murray.


School Visits

For ten years, Trisha Speed Shaskan has been visiting schools where teachers often say to her, “I can tell you’re an educator. You know how to keep the students engaged.” Trisha loves visiting schools and libraries because she loves connecting with students and sharing her passion for literature, creativity, and life-long learning. As a presenter, Trisha’s goal is to show kids that creating stories is fun, easy, and accessible! Since Trisha has written 50 books, in her interactive presentations she can teach a variety of topics, including writing graphic novels, mysteries, nonfiction, fractured fairytales and picture books! Trisha is available in-person and virtually. She lives in Minneapolis, MN, but travels all over the country. She presents by herself or with her husband/author/illustrator Stephen Shaskan who is the creator of the Pizza and Taco graphic novel series. Contact Trisha to get more information about fees and possibilities!

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